A truly


Savor an exquisite harmony of
sensations and emotions
from the interplay of people and nature

A selection of choice ingredients, imaginative new dishes, and attentive service...offering a perfect time and place for people to come together in a world all its own.
The name “Rikki” symbolizes the six essential energies connecting heaven and earth that give form to nature. It also refers to the six emotions of love and hatred, pleasure and anger, grief and joy.

The harmony of these sensations and emotions, the interweaving of people and nature, gives birth to an infinite world of new flavors.
Here at this culinary laboratory, our chef works with the local people and environs of Hagi to explore new culinary possibilities and create unique taste sensations.

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Seasonal fare selected by the chef

Specially selected seasonal ingredients are transformed into exquisite flavors and served plate after plate, creating a unique course offered for one day only. The ingredients are chosen with care through close consultation with local producers. Guests can enjoy specially grown vegetables, rare varieties of meat, and fresh fish — all in the perfect environment and season to enjoy them.

・¥20,000 (excluding tax)
・If anyone in your party has food allergies or particular aversions, please let us know when making a reservation.


Hagi is a port city located on a river delta, a nexus of river and sea, mountains and quiet hamlets. With lush natural surroundings and a centuries-old history of flourishing trade, Hagi is the ideal locale for sourcing the finest culinary ingredients. Abundant marine products from the Sea of Japan, authentic wagyu beef, and fruits and vegetables nurtured in rich fertile soil are all of the finest quality. This treasure trove of ingredients is every chef’s dream.



The quality and flavor of the marine products at Hagi Port attract seafood wholesalers from throughout Japan. Highly sought after by purveyors of haute cuisine, such exceptional ingredients are found right on Rikki’s doorstep. This geographical advantage and our network of local producers ensure that guests enjoy an unparalleled selection of exquisite seafood.


For an exclusive taste experience, Japanese Polled — the rarest breed of wagyu beef cattle — is purchased directly from Japan’s sole producer, the Japanese Polled Public Corporation. With a high lean meat content and distinctive Wagyu taste, only the meat from just two head of cattle is available each month. Guests can also enjoy wild game from autumn through winter, including an occasional wild boar supplied by local hunter Kazunori Arida.


Together with local Hagi farmer Takaya Umeji and Minoru Farm’s Minoru Hosoda, Rikki is opening the door to an unprecedented palette of novel flavors and taking on new challenges in collaboration with professionals in both agriculture and the culinary arts.





Dinner: Friday / Saturday
     18:00 to 22:00(Reservation required)
Closed: Monday / Tuesday
• To make a reservation, please use our online reservation form.